When a 21st-Century Family Moves Into a 12th-Century Castle

New York Times - 14 hours 16 min ago
Alice and Alfred Liechtenstein have invited rising stars of the contemporary design world to create an unquestionably modern home.
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Op-Ed Contributor: The Young Feminist Who Died for My People

New York Times - 14 hours 24 min ago
Anna Campbell could not stand by as President Assad, Russia, Turkey and the Islamic State waged war on Syrian Kurds.
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John Brennan, a Former C.I.A. Director, Suggests Russia ‘May Have Something’ on President Trump

New York Times - 14 hours 52 min ago
President Trump also indirectly criticized Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, for the ongoing investigation into Russia’s 2016 campaign meddling.
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White House Job Requirement: Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement

New York Times - 15 hours 4 min ago
President Trump insisted on the agreements, but it’s an open secret in the West Wing they can’t be enforced.
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Wolfgang Tillmans Explores the Role of Art in a Post-Truth World

New York Times - 16 hours 2 min ago
The German photographer, as guest editor of a prestigious annual collection of essays, considers the increasing rejection of facts in political and social discourse.
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J.J. Redick, the N.B.A.’s Most Meticulous Player

New York Times - 16 hours 11 min ago
In his 12th season, Redick painstakingly plans everything from his naps to his shots. It’s helped him steady a 76ers team that is poised to reach the playoffs again.
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Boko Haram Returns Dozens of Schoolgirls Kidnapped in Nigeria

New York Times - 16 hours 51 min ago
In a surprising turn, militants released most of the students they seized more than a month ago, though several are thought to have died in their hands.
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Joan Jonas Endures With Her Strange and Entrancing Rituals

New York Times - 17 hours 29 min ago
The New York native has been practicing performance art, the most ephemeral of forms, since the 1970s. Now she has the biggest museum show of her career.
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New York Today: New York Today: Latest Updates on the Snowstorm

New York Times - 17 hours 41 min ago
Wednesday: The latest on the storm heading toward New York City, and how it could affect your commute.
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Op-Ed Columnist: Facebook Doesn’t Get It

New York Times - 17 hours 53 min ago
Was it the reason Trump won? That’s the wrong question.
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California Today: California Today: Facebook Under Fire, Yet Again

New York Times - 18 hours 17 min ago
Wednesday: The tech giant’s latest controversy, California is exporting its housing problems, and a severe storm approaches SoCal
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Suspect in Austin Bombings Blew Himself Up, Police Say

New York Times - 18 hours 21 min ago
The 24-year-old, who has not been identified, is believed to have been involved in the attacks that left at least two people dead.
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Donald Trump, Austin, Snowstorm: Your Wednesday Briefing

New York Times - 18 hours 27 min ago
Here’s what you need to know to start your day.
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Kabul Bombing Kills 29 in Holiday Crowd, Officials Say

New York Times - 18 hours 35 min ago
Dozens in a crowd celebrating Nowruz, the Persian New Year, were killed by a bombing near a Shiite shrine in the western part of the Afghan capital.
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The New Health Care: Medicare Doesn’t Equal Dental Care. That Can Be a Big Problem.

New York Times - 19 hours 43 min ago
Oral health cannot properly be considered apart from the health of the rest of the body.
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Best of Late Night: Jimmy Kimmel Criticizes Trump Administration for Its High Turnover

New York Times - 20 hours 12 min ago
Kimmel said, “Trump goes through cabinet members like he goes through cheeseburgers and Aqua Net: fast.”
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Op-Ed Columnist: Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes

New York Times - 20 hours 20 min ago
It was television, not Facebook, that made him president.
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Where Do Birds Flock Together? Australians Are Mailing In Feathers to Help Find Out

New York Times - 20 hours 50 min ago
Kate Brandis, an Australian researcher, has enlisted the public to help her track elusive waterfowl as the country’s wetlands disappear.
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Welcome to Zucktown. Where Everything Is Just Zucky.

New York Times - 20 hours 50 min ago
In Menlo Park, Calif., Facebook is building a real community and testing the proposition: Do people love tech companies so much they will live inside them?
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Can Steven Spielberg Remember How to Have Fun?

New York Times - 20 hours 50 min ago
His serious period movies do well at the box office, but his recent would-be blockbusters have been disappointments. “Ready Player One” will be a major test.
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